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Platform for musical and artistic promotion

CROLA is the platform where you can find and hire musicians, bands, classical string quartets or DJ's for any event, whether a private party, wedding or concert. We also offer different clubs where to celebrate your parties, Birthdays or corporate presentations.

We achieve that artists are promoted within an efficient environment resulting in easier and faster bookings.


What do you need for your event?

For your event, we help you find from a wide selction of musicians, artists and DJ's.

We solve the needs of those who are looking into organizing a surprise party, anniversary, Birthday or corporate presentation in a given club or pub. Use our search engine to discover our self-produced videos


Which way does CROLA help to promote artists?

CROLA is the solution of getting promoted in Spain effectively. The best way to position yourself in and out of your city is to become known

We have everything you need to obtain a high quality promotion. We take care of recording and editing your video, photo shoot, production and needs you may require. Then we upload all your information in our artists section, where you have your own profile with the description of your activity, photos, videos and audio tracks.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information and we'll let you know all the different options you may have.

I'm an artist. I want more information.

If you are an artist and you want to know further about how CROLA can help you, send us a message.