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Amy Amy Amy Tribute Band

Amy Amy Amy Tribute Band



Band formed in Almería (Spain) in january 2014.

This quintet sometimes, specially in summertime has got Pablo Castillo as alto sax player, a very young and talented student of sound engineering from Madrid and Rocio starry´s brother.

Amy, Amy, Amy are Rocio Starry, a jazz and soul singer since 1993, Martyn Thompson sax tenor from London, sax player since 1979, at guitar, synth and back voices, Chipo Martinez, the most veteran musician and a legend in Almería , since 1960, Sergio Aguirre, bass player since 1998 and Antonio, vocalist and drummer since 1970.

Theis brilliant career along the years with several bands and orchestras, now they join together to do the best tribute they can do, express all the sensitivity and from the higher respect to Amy Winehouse.

They have been playing in Almería, Murcia and Madrid.


Ska, Reggae, Soul, Rhythm and blues, Jazz

  • Rocio Starry - Voice
  • Chipo Martinez - Guitar, sith, chorus
  • Sergio Mazinguer - Bass
  • Antonio Fernández - Drums, chorus
  • Martyn Thompson - Tenor and alto sax , flute
  • Pablo Castillo - Alto sax, percussion, dancing

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